If you have found your way to this website, you must be interested in the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever or "Toller."  This site is provided as a gateway to the Toll'NTrain Discussion Forum and does not provide a lot of information about Tollers in general.

If you wish to learn more about the breed, go to the Links page to discover multiple links to resources that might be more helpful.


July 2009 - This site has been moved to a dedicated site and is no longer a subsite on the Kilcreek Retrievers site.  This move was prompted by the tremendous interest and support of the Toller community, and their desire to have a site dedicated to training the Toller for the field.

About Toll'NTrain

Early Morning Training
Early Morning Training - Clicking on the picture takes you to the Forum

Toll'NTrain was started in March 2009 as an outlet for discussions about training the Toller for field activities.  The idea was the inspiration of Paul Kartes who enlisted the help of Julie Hanson to set up a Discussion Forum and simple website.  In June 2009, the site was moved to this dedicated site and is provided as a service to all those having an interest in Tollers and the field.

Paul Kartes - Lakota Retrievers

From Paul's Lakota Retrievers website:

Paul Kartes has been around and appreciated hunting dogs all his life. His passion and love for retrievers has brought him where he is today as a professional trainer and respected hunt test judge.  In an effort to learn more about the sport he had grown to love, Paul began training dogs with professional trainer and hunt test judge Mitch White. Together they started the Gamekeepers Retrievers Training Program, where Paul began his full time career as a professional trainer. Paul has been instrumental in developing training manuals, seminars and workshops over the recent years with Gamekeepers.  His desire for developing strong working dogs has given him the opportunities to train with some of the top field trainers in the country over the recent years. 

In addition to his work as a professional trainer, Paul had dedicated many hours of volunteer work in supporting and promoting the breed he loves, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.  Paul has been an active member of the NSDTRC-USA Club for the last 9 years, spending countless hours organizing and chairing several Toller field events. Paul’s hard work and dedication to training shows in the dogs he takes to the line. He is committed to training each dog and handler he works with to their fullest potential.

Julie Hanson - Kilcreek Retrievers

Julie has been active with Tollers since 1992.  Her passion for the retriever games started in 1989 when she got her first Labrador - a wild and crazy "field type" Lab that could hardly be contained and started Julie on a long and enjoyable adventure into the world of dog sports and a multitude of organizations and activities related to all things canine.

Julie has been administering various websites for dog clubs since the mid-1990s on a volunteer basis.  Due to life circumstances and being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, her activities are now confined to the computer world.  Setting up this site provides an opportunity to support her passion for Tollers and the field at least in some small way.

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